Sunday, March 28, 2010

11wks 4days....

Being tired has overcome me lately. Sorry for the lack in blogging. I promise to try and be better.  I am now almost 12wks pregnant with our 9th child.  I'm nauseous all day however it is subsiding a bit, and I have been extremly tired.  I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going.  I got to see our beautiful baby last week and he/she has a nice strong heartbeat of 180bpm.  Which totally set my nerves at ease.  My plan is to do alot of blogging about my pregnancy to help me keep track of what is going on.

The children are excited and so far the vote is....5 want girls and not sure what the other 3 want. But all Gary and I want is a healthy baby.  We feel so privilaged that God would bless us with another child.  Each one is a wonderful gift from God and unique in their own way.

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